Blind rivets,multi-grip,closed-end,stainless steel 305 316 A4

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Rivet tool, Rivet, close-end, stainless, structural,brass, washer, cap


We also have rivets of different colors for some models.
Contact our customer service for more details.




Structural tri-fold blind rivet

Split blind rivet installed. Equivalent to huck Magna-tite

Large surface three-fold blind rivet with sophisticated design mandrel
to seal perfectly the inside hole.
Available with a neoprene washer under the head for positive waterproofing.

Blind rivet BULBTEC



Peel blind rivet

Installed peel blind rivet

Blind rivet that sets like a flower.

Blind rivet FLORITEC



Hemtec blind rivet with a large surface on the blind side

Installed Hemlok, brake flush

bBlind rivet with dome head that will, after installation,
have a large bearing surface underneath.

It's also resistant to vibration.

Blind rivet HEMTEC



Noxtec, stainless steel blind rivet equivalent to Avdel Avinox 2

Installed stainless steel blind rivet like Avdel Avinox 2

Stainless steel blind rivet with dome head and large
bearing surface after the installation.

Provides a joint strong and resistant to the vibration.

Blind rivet NOXTEC



Multigrip blind rivet. stainless steel, steel, aluminum

installed multigrip  pop rivet style

Multi-grip blind rivet.
Works well in sloppy hole and have a good mandrel head retention.

Blind rivets RIVEC



Close-end blind pop rivet

Closed end blind rivet

Closed-end blind rivet.
It is waterproof.

Blind rivet SELTEC



Structural blind rivet similar to Monobolt

Installed brake flush pop rivet equivalent to Magna-Lok

Sophisticated design blind rivet to obtain
core filling and mandrel flush brake.

Blind rivet SUPRATEC



male-female rivet like Huck auto-clamp sureset

tubular rivet with blind rivet inside

A "TEC" type blind rivet and a hollow mate
that work one in the other. (Each sold separately)

Blind rivet TEC & MATE female



Nylon / plastic blind rivet

Pop rivet style but made in plastic ( nylon )

A polyamide open-end blind rivet.

Blind rivet TECNIL



Split blind rivet three-fold

Tri-fold blind rivet

Large surface three-fold blind rivet.

Blind rivet TECPLUS



Musroom plug, cap for blind rivet   Washer, plug, cap for pop rivet

Installed plug, cap on blind rivet  Installed nylon cap on pop rivet

Miscellaneous / cover and washer for blind rivets


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